As online marketers, bloggers, and small business owners, SEO is important. Why? Because no matter what your website is about, you’re competing with a hefty number of other sites for traffic from search engines.

Fun fact: there are 1.2 billion websites on the internet right now.

If you’re a beginner to SEO or you just want to increase your site traffic, this post is packed full of incredible SEO tools and services that will help you crush the competition in 2017 (if you use them right).

How can we help you with your 2017 SEO and marketing?

Let’s dive in!

Best SEO Tools and Services of 2017

  1. SEMrushSEMrush is not your average SEO tool. It’s often the first choice on everybody’s wish list because they’ve taken competitor research to a whole new level. SEMrush provides over 20 ways (stealth tactics) to research your competition and their SEO strategies. Paid
  2. Screaming FrogWhat? You need another reason to try Screaming Frog besides the cool name? Okay, no problem. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider software uses an algorithm, not bots, to help increase your visibility in search results.  Freemium
  3. Ahrefs –  Out of all the SEO tools out there, Ahrefs Site Explorer is the best among backlink analysis. They also have a nifty Content Explorer that searches the web for the most popular content for any keyword or topic. Freemium
  4. MozMoz offers several SEO research tools and link management tools designed to help you launch a top-notch SEO campaign. It’s a resource center, a complete toolkit, and great for all users. It’s the complete package.  Freemium
  5. BuzzsumoThis SEO tool should be in your toolbox for the following reasons: 1.) You can use Buzzsumo to set up alerts on keywords, brand names, links, and author names. 2.) You can track competitors and analyze their content. 3.) Their Sumo mascot. Paid
  6. Keywordtool.ioIf you want a free SEO tool that’s quick, simple and similar to Google Trends, try  You can utilize this tool for Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and App Store keywords. It comes in handy as a long-tail keyword research tool too.  Freemium
  7. GetstatSix words: Limitless rank tracking and SERP analytics. And the Wizard of Moz himself (Rand Fishkin) recommends it so you know it’s good.  Paid
  8. Long Tail ProLong Tail Pro was already a highly recommended SEO tool. Then they went through an ownership change, made the decision to be cloud-based, and now this SEO tool is 10x faster and 10x easier to use. Try it. Paid
  9. Google Search ConsolePowerful and simple to use, Google Search Console is a free SEO  tool that helps you visualize how your site appears in search. It also supplies you with crawling errors, HTML improvement suggestions, and more.
  10. UbersuggestThis is another neat little alternative to Google Trends/Keyword Planner or that provides you with keyword ideas that are organized alphabetically and visually based on preference.

    Another Fun Fact: We used Ubersuggest for this post today! Free
  11. SEOquakeSEOquake is a browser extension that packs a punch. This free online SEO tool simplifies on-page SEO audits, provides you with page data and metrics, and allows you to export all of your data into one file.  Free
  12. ImpactanaIf you’re creating content with SEO in mind this tool is perfect for you. It’s similar to Buzzsumo in that it shows you the most popular content based on social popularity, but it does more than that. Impactana also shows you the most popular content in terms of links the content gained. Unique and useful.  Paid
  13. SEOptimerDo you know how well your overall SEO is performing? SEOptimer can give you the answer. Knowing how good or bad your SEO is doing tells you what you should keep doing and what you should change up. Take a look at your on-page metrics. It’s Free.
  14. MajesticMajestic takes you on a deep diving expedition into SEO and link analysis. Don’t worry though, all your data can be organized into easy-read reports for improving your SEO. Paid
  15. Answer The PublicEverything about the SEO tool is awesome from the old guy who judges you while you work to the content ideas it helps you generate from your seed keywords. Ask the Seeker. Free

Whether it excites you or makes you queasy, SEO is a big part of your online business. It’s the largest source of free organic traffic, leads, and customers available to you.

Don’t blow it. The 15 SEO tools and services we listed in this post will help you improve in 2017 if you use them. It’s your time to shine.

Did we forget something? Feel free to share your must-have SEO tools in the comments below. Have a question about your own SEO strategy? Think we can help? Talk to us today!


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