We’re thinking about starting something new here at Z Coast where we feature a logo we love in an extra blog post every other week or so. And what better way to kick off our new logo series than to start with something local, right?

In honor of Superbowl Weekend—and since our hometown team is playing for it all on Sunday—we thought we’d shine the spotlight on something both designers and football fans can appreciate: The Atlanta Falcons logo.

A proud bird of prey, the Atlanta Falcons logo features a fiendish combination of red and black as its primary colors with silver accents.

Paired together, these three colors incite feelings of aggression, boldness and power. The hidden letter “F” is also worth noting too. (Do you see it?)

The design is flat and some may argue not the best choice for showcasing a bird in flight, but we think Verlander Design did our Dirty Birds proud when they created the logo in 2003.

Then again, maybe we’re biased. But it’s our blog and the Atlanta Falcons are our football team and we do what we want.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a Super Bowl LI party to prep for.

Rise Up!

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